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IDEA FREDDO: refrigerated containers leasing and sale

IDEA FREDDO is a SOGESE trademark which identifies the leasing and sale of refrigerated containers. Why to choose IDEA FREDDO:

Wide range of containers: IDEA FREDDO refrigerated containers range from 8 feet to more than 40 feet , with an indoor cubic capacity starting from 6 cubic meters to over 68 cubic meters and they can also be DNV 2.7-1 certificated for offshore platforms operations and equipped with ATEX certificated machinery (explotion proof)

Cost cutting: IDEA FREDDO refrigerated containers rental is a flexible and convenient solution as no fixed costs are required, but only a rental fee, for the duration of the rental agreement.

Performance: IDEA FREDDO refrigerated containers temperature can be set from +40° to -40°. It is also possible to set the required humidity level.

Performance remote control: IDEA FREDDO remote control service allow the customer to monitor refrigerated containers temperature and humidity through his PC, smartphone or tablet. This service ensures a temperature-controlled conservation of the merchandise inside the reefer container, and guarantees a prompt assistance when needed.

Immediate assistance: IDEA FREDDO reefer technicians can intervene either where the unit is placed or remotely within 24H from the request. FREDDO SICURO provides also a detailed and customized program for reefer containers and cold rooms preventive maintenance to minimize potential damages or failures.

Delivery: IDEA FREDDO reefer containers are always available and can be delivered across Italy within 48H from the order confirmation or wherever the customer wants the units to be delivered.

Vessel boarding certification: IDEA FREDDO provides accreditation, approval and certification for new production or in service reefer containers, in compliance with International standards (as required by RINA certification), safety regulations and customer requests.

Optionals and extras: a wide range of optionals (easy access ramps, temperature recording disks, temperature alarm devices, shelving,…) may improve the service IDEA FREDDO and approach it to the customer actual needs. Through an innovative remote control access, the customer can periodically and comfortably check the performance of the refrigerated units on his PC.

Personalized financial solutions: the customer can choose among several solutions such as the straight purchase, container leasing, container lease-purchase.

Used and second hand: IDEA FREDDO provides second hand reconditioned and tested refrigerated containers at extremely attractive prices. RINA certifications may be issued for the vessel boarding authorization.

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