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SOGESE constantly renews his reefer container fleet to always provide a new, innovative and top quality product and service. Second hand refrigerated containers are tested, PTIed, repaired and supplied with a proper warranty.

Attention, the images are purely illustrative. For further informations on technical specifications please refer to the table, in the product section.

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Second hand refrigerated containers from 40′ High Cube

Second hand refrigerated containers have been ideated for goods’ transportation and stock at constant temperature, that is defined by the customer, and that can be set from the control box outside the unit. Since its height is 2.896 m, the second hand refrigerated container 40’ HC is taller than the 40’ so that it has bigger capacity that allows to stock a bigger amount of goods.

The used refrigerated containers 40’ HC are always available at our stock both for sale and for rent.

Second hand refrigerated containers from 40′

Second hand refrigerated containers offer quick and advantageous solutions for those perishable goods that need to be stored at constant temperature that can be upper or lower of the environment temperature.

In accordance to the customers’ requirements, the controlled temperature range is form -35 C° to +35 C°.

Second hand refrigerated containers 40’ are 11.550 m long, 2.280 m wide and 2.200 m tall.

Second hand refrigerated containers from 8′

Second hand refrigerated containers meet the customers’ needs for transporting and preserving perishable goods at constant temperature.

Since it allows the stock of small size goods in controlled temperature environment, used refrigerated containers 8’ merge efficacious solutions with the practicality of small size units.

Internal dimensions of second hand refrigerated 8’ are: length 2.147 m, wideness 1.890 m height 2.127 m.

Second hand refrigerated containers from 20′

The thickness of the 20’ second hand refrigerated containers’ walls varies according to the inside temperature of the unit and to the temperature of the environment where the used containers are placed.

Second hand refrigerated containers are the best solution to stock perishable goods that require to be preserved at constant temperature.

The temperature of our 20′ second hand refrigerated containers can be set in a range between -35 C° and +35 C°. Moreover, our technicians are available for assistance 24 h, every day of the week.

Ex second hand refrigerated containers from 40′

40′ ex second hand refrigerated containers are always available for rent and for sell at our depots. 40′ ex used refrigerated containers have panels 12 cm thick that guarantee the properties of refrigerating containers i.e. insulation and isothermal conditions.

The panels of the machine room can be removed on the 40′ ex second hand refrigerated containers so that the internal dimensions are: length 11.550 m, wideness 2.280 m and height 2.200 m.




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