The 40HC Ultrafreezer and the 40HC Blast Freezer will join IDEA FREDDO’s refrigerated container fleet

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SOGESE, a market leading company in the sale and lease of reefer and dry containers, will shortly add to its current range of cold storage units, two new  products, the 40HC Ultrafreezer and the 40HC Blast Freezer. Historically, IDEA FREDDO is a brand focused on the sale and lease of maritime reefer container and cold storage movable warehouses with high performances in term of desired temperature ranges (from -40° to +40°). Through Blast Freezers, the necessity on temperature controlled spaces can be effectively combined with the quick pulled down of the degrees within the period of time required by the production cycle so as the product will not lose its required features.  With Ultrafreezer units, the temperature can be pulled down to -60° which is he desired level for the good preservation of fresh fish. All the solutions Idea Freddo may provide, for temporary or permanent use, additional room for the proper storage of materials sensitive to temperature and humidity such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages and other high tech materials like composites.

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