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Formula “FREDDO SICURO”: preventive maintenance for cold storage

The extension of the summer season and the average rise of temperatures causes excessive stress that may result in a failure of the reefer machine (often and specifically, the cause is the breakdown of the compressor) and consequent damage to the thermo-sensitive goods or materials contained in the box. In addition, a poor maintenance of the reefer container amplifies the stress condition of the engine and multiplies the probability of failure of the compressor, a vital part of the reefer machine.

The only way to eliminate or at least minimize the risk is to carry out a periodic maintenance program in order to identify in advance the eventual shortcomings of the engine and to take actions required to ensure the proper performance of IDEA FEDDO reefer container, avoiding potential and enormous economic damages. For this reason, SOGESE, along with IDEA FREDDO rental services, offers the “FORMULA FREDDO SICURO” service, according to which, with a small additional contribution, the customer is provided with an elaborated program of periodic preventive maintenance. Based on this program, SOGESE undertakes to intervene regularly, making the complete diagnosis of the reefer container and all the necessary maintenance (and clearly indicated in the contract of maintenance) required to ensure a proper performance over time.


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